Electro Freeze Frozen Yogurt Equipment

Electro Freeze produces equipment specifically designed for soft serve frozen yogurt and self serve concepts. Taste the difference with Electro Freeze yogurt machines; which produces a smooth and creamy yogurt your customers will love. Because your yogurt machines are the most integral part of your business, Electro Freeze produces machines that are efficient, simple to use and clean, and are low maintenance. Looking for high profit margins with dependable performance and a consistent product? We offer a variety of different equipment options from our gravity fed to pressurized freezers we have the machines to meet your needs!

Try Electro-Freeze and Taste the Difference!

Gravity Series Freezers

Model: SLX400
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Model: SLX500
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Pressurized Series Freezers

Model: 99T-RMT Front
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Model: 180T-RMT Rear
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