Hear What Our Customers Are Saying: 

"The Charley Biggs' brand has added value to our food service operation.  The products are top quality!  Our food service program has grown tremendously since partnering with Southern Food Systems!"

"The Southern Food Systems' training program has made a huge difference and has contributed to our success.  We would not have done as well without it!"

"We truthfully thought we were selling all the chicken that we could.  Personally, I did not think we would hit our goal.  We not only achieved it, we went way beyond.  The equipment is first class and it's very easy to learn.  The fryers are automated and simple to learn.  We have had the program for 36 weeks and our Deli Department is up in sales 27.28%.  It has completely turned our sales and profit around in our Deli Department!"    --Big John's

"The Charley Biggs' brand has elevated our Deli to the next level with the signage and the custom counter.  It looks like we bought into an elaborate franchise.  The Charley Biggs' products are top of the line.  They are at the "Gourmet' level quality."